Jason Shawn Alexander: a {sic} force to be reckoned with

“Larger In Life” (Left), “Momentum” (Right)                                                        (Photographs courtesy of 101/exhibit.com)

Saturday, October 13, 2012. As I sauntered, fashionably early, into the 101/exhibit Los Angeles’ wide-open gallery space, I eyed at least two dozen people anxiously awaiting the arrival of the {sic} exhibit’s creator, narrative painter and graphic illustrator, Jason Shawn Alexander. Within a span of about twenty minutes the crowd had at least tripled, and the space proceeded to fill and remained at capacity for the duration of Opening Night. Aside from the fact that he and I became fast friends through his angel of a wife (a bosom friend and bloody-talented, creative colleague of mine, Dinora Walcott Alexander) my heart was filled to overflowing to witness such a gifted artisan receiving such adoration for his most recent body of work.  Jason has always been more than open about pouring out his artistic soul and sharing his vision with me, always able to appease my inquisitiveness effortlessly. He’s strong in his convictions — an open book, painting and drawing honestly; embracing  every stroke of brush or pen he commits to canvas (or wood) or paper, as it were. As I made my journey through the gallery, studying with ardor many pieces I had seen countless times before, I experienced new agony, new melancholy, new passion exuding from the subjects laid bare along those white walls. Then, in a highly effective intent to contrast, in the smaller room were panels and pages from raw and gritty comic tales about a certain Dark Knight and the proverbial thorn in his side, and other horrid creatures, so vividly depicted in nothing more than varying shades and degrees of black ink that I swear I remember them in color. Speechless. A feeling indescribable, except for in one’s own soul as it tries to dissect the steady stream of emotions that erupts upon viewing each piece separately and then the entire body of work together. A sight to see. I hope you will. The show runs until November 26.

For more information, please visit http://101exhibit.com/splash


2 thoughts on “Jason Shawn Alexander: a {sic} force to be reckoned with

    • Thanks for the awesome compliment, Hazel! I honestly don’t know where the words come from. Well yes, I do; gift from Above! =) I’m grateful. Thanks for continuing to read and for the feedback! Much appreciated ❤

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