Friday’s Featured Writer: Tory Harvey

Happy Feature Friday, everybody! For our second guest author, I am pleased to introduce you to my dear sister-friend, Tory Harvey. I know you’ll enjoy this reflection on God’s brilliant artistry. Please leave your comments and encouragements below.

Tory Sunset

Morning canvas – soft, forgiving

Casts warm rising glow on frosted cars.

An ephemeral pink flood replaces sidewalks,

And orange lenses my eyes.

Washing over land and me with hues too beautiful for the eye.

Soft serenity, welcoming dawn

Gives way to sharp-edged, mirrored clouds

Reflecting the stark harshness of the coming day.

About the Author: With an unquenchable wanderlust, Tory can often be found traveling the far reaches of the world, documenting its beauty with her camera and notepad. When she’s not traveling, Tory likes to explore new hiking spots, beaches, and restaurants. She just finished her Ph.D. in Education and currently teaches in the Teacher Education Program at UC Santa Barbara.

Tory Harvey



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