A Chance to Help Someone in Need (GoFundMe)!

Hello, beloved followers! Long time no see, but I wanted to extend an opportunity and a request, as my cousin is in desperate need. Thanks for reading!

Artina’s GoFundMe Page 

Carla Artina (Tina) Richardson is a 37-year-old single mother of two beautiful children. She is a hardworking woman dearly loved by her extended family and friends. For the past several months Artina Richardson has been literally fighting to breathe. Although the cause is unknown, the diagnoses are definite: she has somehow developed nearly every major chronic and life-threatening lung disorder, including: Emphysema, Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, and COPD. But the most dangerous of all is a very rare variation of a condition known as Pulmonary Fibrosis–a disease for which there is no cure. 
Pulmonary Fibrosis is a disease that is marked by severe and progressive irreversible scarring of the deep tissue of the lungs. The condition is most common in individuals ages 50-75. Due to her young age, doctors are confounded by the circumstances leading to her life-threatening situation. 

During Tina’s current stay in the hospital to undergo a biopsy, she encountered several complications: her lungs have collapsed several times, she has had a blood transfusion due to internal bleeding, and her oxygen level continues to stay well below normal. It has been confirmed that she does not have cancer but there is no precedent for her situation, either.

At this point, Tina is still hospitalized. The goal right now is to get her strong and stable enough to transfer to a rehabilitation facility. However, she was just recently notified by her insurance carrier that her medical bills are not being covered due to the fact that her condition is so rare. 

The only hope to improve her prognosis is to eventually have a lung transplant but, at this point in time, she is too sick to even be placed on the transplant waiting list. Right now she needs our help.

Funds raised will support Tina to continue receiving treatment in the hospital and cover the cost of the rehabilitation home to prepare her for the transplant eligibility waiting list. Lastly, because she has not been able to work and is hospitalized in Fort Worth, TX, away from her family and support system, the funds would also be used to provide care for her children.

Artina desperately needs the support of caring and compassionate friends; time is of the essence. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

Here is the link to the GoFundMe page:

Artina’s GoFundMe Page


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